Land on Little Hagia Sophia street - APL 34204

Price: $1,140,000 Ref: 36715
  • Ready
  • 136 SQM
  • 24 rooms
  • 24 bathrooms
  • 24 bedrooms
About this property

Land in cenrtal location 
Near to Old Istanbul Historical sites like Sultan Ahmet Mosque, and Beyazit 
Suitable for Citizenship and Investment

Is a neighborhood known for being home to the striking Ottoman-era Blue Mosque with its iconic minarets, along with the famed, mosaic-filled Hagia Sophia mosque. Adjacent Sultanahmet Square has a park, gardens and fountains, along with the Egyptian Obelisk of Theodosius and the nearby 4th-century Stone of Million pillar ruin. The popular district is home to many shops, hotels and traditional eateries.

 About the Area:
 Fatih, is on the road that connects Halic and Eminonu making it the perfect location for investment and long-term rentals. Here you will have easy access to Metros, Tramvay Stations and bus stops. Near  Kennedy Avenue a 13 km-long avenue in Istanbul, Turkey travels southwest from Sirkeci district to Bakırköy District and most importantly to the Atatürk Airport.  

About the Land : 
On Little Hagia Sophia Street Avenue 
Suitable for Citizenship and Investment 
Area : 136 m2 
Building will be demolished
If hotel will be built rooms number can reach minimum 24 rooms ,depending on the project

3 minutes walking distance to Sultan Ahmet Mosque 
4 minutes walking distance to Marmara University, Küçük Ayasofya Campus 
9 minutes walking distance to Kennedy Street
9 minutes walking distance to Sultanahmet Tramway Station 
10 minutes walking distance to Basilica Cistern 
15 minutes walking distance to Grand Bazaar
19 minutes walking distance to Istanbul University, Beyazıt Campus 

Price : 1,140,000 $

Other Features
  • Market
  • Near a Park
  • Near Schools
  • near Tramvay
  • Nearby Hospitals
  • Nearby Taksim Square
Why buy this Property
Close to 18 hospital, health, point of interest, establishment, 
  • Sehha medical
  • Avrupa Cerrahi Clinic
  • wellscaremedical
  • مستشفى مدستيت
  • Kumkapi Clinic | Özel Kumkapı Polikliniği
  • Bezmialem International Clinic
  • Hair Transplant Center
  • Klinika Kenedi
  • Tabeebak Healthcare & طبيبك للرعاية الصحية
  • Gazi Mahallase gazi hastanessi
  • Healthy Professional Club -
  • مستشفى دنياكوز اللعيون
  • Özel Fatih Hastanesi
  • Uçarak
  • صيدلية بلا روشيتا
  • İstanbul Esnaf Hastanesi
  • Özel Sema Hastanesi
Close to 20 school, point of interest, establishment, 
  • Koray Schools Academy
  • The Vefa High School
  • Istanbul Iranian School Fajr
  • Pertevniyal High School
  • necmettin erbakan anadolu lisesi
  • Istanbul Erkek High School
  • Cağaloğlu High School
  • Turkish Arts
  • Şair ZİHNİ Ortaokulu
  • Çemberlitaş Anatolian High School
  • Recai Mehmet Efendi School
  • Erek Mesleki Ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi
  • Sultanahmet Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School
  • Valde Mektebi
  • Computer ali
  • İstanbul Fatih 29 Mayıs İlkokulu
  • KatipKasimİlkokulu
  • İstanbul Sağlık ve Sosyal Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu
  • İELEV Özel İlkokulu / Ortaokulu – Cağaloğlu
  • Istanbul - Fatih Akşemsettin Imam and Preacher Middle School
Close to 20 restaurant, food, point of interest, establishment, 
  • Tin Restaurant
  • Olive Garden Cafe & Restaurant
  • Eva Bosphorus Restaurant
  • Le Safran Restaurant
  • Otantik Restaurant
  • Mivan Restaurant & Cafe
  • Matbah Restaurant
  • Mr Cook Restaurant
  • Lale sultan Restaurant
  • Rumeli Restaurant
  • Teras Restaurant
  • By Ferro Fish & Kebab Restaurant
  • Zerzevan Fish & Meat Restaurant
  • Fish Port Restaurant
  • The Ottomans Kitchen Cafe Restaurant
  • Vodiy Uzbek Restaurant
  • Avlu Restaurant
  • Şirvan Sofrasi Restaurant
  • Marbella Terrace Restaurant
  • Albura Kathisma
Close to 20 shopping mall, point of interest, establishment, 
  • Mercato di Istanbul
  • Istanbul Shopping Center
  • Dilan Shopping Center
  • Berazit
  • Pazar
  • Bursa station
  • istanbul avm
  • İSMEK Sanat Sokağı
  • Galeria Toro Center
  • Boncuk Han
  • Hac
  • Mall of Asil Efendi
  • Bazar centrum
  • Turkey Mall Shopping
Close to 14 point of interest, establishment, 
  • İstanbul Area Airport
  • ist trf
  • İstanbul Airport Service
  • istanbul airport transfers service
  • TRANIGO | Istanbul Airport Transfer & global operating transfer services for Berlin, Madrid, Rome and many more destinations
  • Yume Airport Transfer
  • Istanbul Airport & CruiseTransfer,Istanbul Airport Shuttle,Airport Taxi Istanbul
  • SAW TURİZM Airport Transfer
  • efendi istanbul airport transfer
  • Havaalanı Transfer - Vip Transfer - Airport Transfer
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Flughafen Transfer Istanbul Taxi
  • Havaist Airport Transfer (ISL)
Close to 20 lodging, point of interest, establishment, 
  • Sultanahmet Hotel Han
  • Istanbul Royal Hotel
  • Hotel Grand İstanbul
  • Cronton Design Hotel
  • Ferman Port Hotel - Special Category
  • Sultanahmet Nu Hotel
  • Radisson Hotel Istanbul Sultanahmet
  • Safir Lounge hotel
  • Grand Hilarium Hotel
  • Grand Sami hotel
  • Star Holiday Hotel
  • Ramada hotel mertar
  • Hotel Konak Bella 3
  • Hotel Arınç
  • Stylish Hotel Old City
  • Weingart Port Hotel
  • May Hotel Istanbul
  • İstanbul Comfort Hotel

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