Azad Brothers

Azad Brothers is a leading Turkish Group with a diversified shareholding portfolio. Its constituent companies are all well-established independent entities, and market leaders in their own field.

Endowed with the knowledge, vision, experience and skills derived from over fifteen years in Turkey. Azad has successfully secured a dominant position across a wide range of industries and asset classes including Textile, DMC Hospitality, Real Estate, Film Production and Business Consultancy.

With each additional shareholder and every added brother, Azad has gained exponential strength. The Azad Group of companies is certainly greater than the sum of its parts.

As Azad Brothers continues to grow rapidly across Turkey, both vertically and horizontally. Their core strength of trust and reliability make them the best providers of goods and services in Turkey.

“We make brothers out of complete strangers” Shaan Agha


We make Textile Trade across borders more reachable, affordable and reliable. We are the vehichle that takes you to the right address. More details


is to excel in customer service, grow client capital and exceed investor expectations. We build trust and create bonds that last forever More details

Azad Tours & Events Turkiye

is not just a business but also an honour in Turkish and South East Asian cultures. We go extra miles in making sure we create memorable expreiences by giving personal care & attention to our guests. More details

Azat Films Türkiye

A one stop content production house, we provide best solutions within your budget in Turkey and beyond. We measure quality and success with smiles at the end of the shoot that earn us countless friends, leading to everlasting professional relationships. More details


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