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How to Obtain Turkish Citizenship?

New and flexible conditions for foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship were passed in Parliament. With the decision published on 19.09.2018 on the Turkish Official Gazette, The law on obtaining Turkish citizenship for foreign investors has changed. As this law is declared by Turkish President recently, we expect the new decrees and instructions at Immigration Directorate, Land Registry and Cadastre General Directorate and Ministry of Interior Affairs and Tax Office. All instruction of new citizenship rules will be clear within a few weeks. We advise you to sign up for the newsletter to get updates evenly to your e-mail.

Investment Citizenship

There is a fresh new opportunity for those who want to buy a real estate in Turkey. According to the law officially entered into force on 19 September 2018, the right to Turkish citizenship will be granted to those who buy real estate worth of 250.000 USD from Turkey. It is the fastest way of obtaining Turkish citizenship. According to the officially enacted law, there are only two requirements for being a Turkish citizen. The first requirement is to buy real estate worth of 250.000 USD from Turkey. The second requirement is to promise and stipulate not to sell the purchased property for 3 years. If there are no obstacles for being a citizen after the application is received, anyone who provides with these two easy terms may become a Turkish citizen. Turkey is inviting high-income foreigners to the country to get citizenship quickly.

Residence by Owning Property

The best way to get each year renewed residence permit is to buy a property. Otherwise getting residence permit is not an easy and touristic visa is not accepted as an acceptable reason for residence. Purchasing property in Turkey is one of an ideal path for applying visa prerequisites. Your visa can be recharged each year when you buy a property in Turkey. Along these lines, you will have an investment, and you will effectively have the capacity to have a residence permit. Another favorable benefit of along these lines is to have the residence permit with your entire family. This can be converted into citizenship in 5 years.

Other Reasons to Get Citizenship in Turkey

- Inherited Turkish citizenship: The most straightforward approach to getting citizenship is to be conceived in a family with Turkish mother and Turkish father.
- Obtaining citizenship by choice of legal authority: The decision of legal authority is required for a non-native to get a Turkish citizenship. Regardless of the possibility that non-natives agree to every one of the conditions, they won't have the capacity to win citizenship if the Turkish legal don't endorse. One of the requirements of obtaining a Turkish citizenship is to live in Turkey for a long time with a residence permit. Most straightforward approach to getting a residence permit and to broaden it yearly after working license or marriage is to purchase a property in Turkey. These sorts of applications should be possible via email or exclusively. The Council of Ministers is the fundamental leader in choosing who will receive the citizenship. The obtaining of Turkish citizenship might not influence the companion's citizenship.

After the candidate gets the Turkish citizenship, the care of the kid can be passed on the other life partner with their consent. If there should be an occurrence of an absence of assent the care of the youngster will be chosen by the choice of the judge where mother or father habitual residence is. On the off chance that the mother and father get Turkish citizenship together, the kids will be naturally acknowledged as citizens too.

- The return of Turkish citizenship: The individuals who have lost their Turkish citizenship some way, can re-apply to be a Turkish citizen. There is an area concerning the individuals who have lost their Turkish citizenship in light of the political and financial reasons.

- Citizenship by marriage: The most known and simplest path is to get wed with a Turkish citizen and obtain a Turkish citizenship. Be that as it may, marriage with a Turkish national is not giving a citizenship straightforwardly - simply following 3 years of marriage, a foreigner can apply for citizenship with taking after conditions:

a) The couple needs to stay together,
b) Keep far from practices that will harm the conjugal union,
c) Should be no risk to the security of Turkish state and society.

- Obtaining Turkish citizenship with extraordinary conditions: There are extraordinary conditions for the general population who can obtain a Turkish citizenship. For instance: bringing Turkey into modern plants or logical, innovative, financial, social, brandishing, social and creative region of extraordinary support of the general population at some point or another will be considered and contemplated proposition made in the services rights. - Make investments in Turkey and open a business with working spots. Entrepreneurs ought to get work permission.

- The individual to be esteemed basic to citizenship.
- Persons acknowledged as immigrants.