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Procedure of Residence Permit Application in Turkey

A visa aplication or visa exemption are allowed to stay maximum for 30, 60 or 90 days of time (depending on the nationality) in one entrance for foreign people who comes to Turkey. Foreigners who wish to stay longer than 3 months touristic visa; must get a residence permit in Turkey.

First, you need to complete below documents for online application:

1. A valid touristic visa or residence permit
- Your passport should have at least 60 days validity. (Except for the Long-Term Residence Permit).
2. Your passport and/or existing residency card as reference
3. Photocopies of your passport's information page, photo page and the page which has your visa for the last date of entry
4. Proof that you have enough financial strength to stay/live in Turkey for the length of time you require is 500 USD (or another currency equals to USD) per month. Because Residence Permit does not allow you to work in Turkey. You may receive from your bank a statement which shows money in your bank account.
5. Tapu (Title Deed) - If you purchased a property in Turkey, you need to prove it in order to get a residence permit for property owner
6. A biometric photo
7. A print-out copy of the online application form
8. A proof of address like electricity or water bill.
9. Health insurance polis

First Time Application of Residence Permit in Turkey

- If you apply for a long-term residence permit in Turkey, you should use the first application option after meeting below requirements.
- If you apply for the first time, you should have a reservation to meet with the Immigration Management Officer.
- If you are renewing it, you don't have to visit the office again. Afterwards, you may proceed all your permit transactions online and via post. (Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü)
- Directorate General of Migration Management is the only authorized institution in Turkey to give foreigners visa and residence permit. Applicants should make Residence Permitapplications before the touristic visa expires.

1. Go to E-Residence (e-İkamet) and fill in the online application form.
2. Pay the residence permit application taxes and fees at nearest Tax Office (Vergi Dairesi) or a branch of HALKBANK.

- The residence permit tax is 55 TL. (İkamet tezkere harcı izin belgesi)
- The residence permit application fee is 85 USD. (İkamet tezkere harcı müracaat bedeli)

3. Collect and prepare all needed forms/documents.
4. Visit the nearest Directorate General of Migration Management Office.
5. If there is any missing document in your application; you receive 1 month time to fulfill that/these document. At the end of extended 1 month time if any missing document is not submitted; your application process is considered as abandoned.
6. If your application is accepted you will be given a "Proof of Application" document. Your residence permit is sent by post to your declared address in Turkey in 3 months time.
7. You will receive a barcode number from the post office (PTT). You may track the delivery status of your post with this barcode number.

- If your application is unsuccessful or rejected, the Directorate General of Migration Management will inform you. You can legally stay in Turkey until the appointment date after your application has been generated on the online system.
Residence Permit Renewals Follow the first 3 steps (above as for first-time applicants) then:
4. Send your application by post to the Directorate General of Migration Management. There are Migration Management offices in every province of Turkey.